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Thoughts and Commentary – 3 Deep, Dark Secrets of Cloud Computing –

August 12, 2013

I read this article the other day and thought about some “take-aways” that I believe are relevant and need to be considered.

Here is the original article –

3 Deep, Dark Secrets of Cloud Computing –

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENTS, TEAMS AND PROFESSIONALS definitely still matter and are highly relevant in the Cloud Computing Era.

As Mr. Taber’s article points out the cloud is typically replacing the CapEx side of the information technology equation. Too often, however, the purchasers of cloud services are user groups (departments, individuals, teams, etc. within an organization) outside of traditional IT. The challenge here is there is very often no consideration for the processes and business practices that guarantee the delivery of services – the processes and business practices that traditional, internal IT organizations apply in order to effectively support the business.

The marketing department, or other user group within the organization that consumes cloud services, is not trained, or experienced in knowing what data matters, or how to set policies for retention of information. To use Mr. Taber’s term, the marketing department doesn’t have the “data steward” skillset. These skllls are critical for the long term success of any IT infrastructure, system, etc.

As a result, IT organizations are uniquely qualified to manage cloud services. Why? If for no other reason than to “own” data life-cycle management as well as to manage and hold cloud providers accountable for performance and service level agreements of the infrastructure.

The analogy I would use is as follows: as an individual, I can go to a “self-help” legal services web site, draft a will, or business registration (LLC, etc.), and these documents would be valid legal instruments. But if push comes to shove, I am not going to go into court to defend those documents, or pursue legal action in support of my will, or business without an attorney.

Those are my thoughts, do you agree? Or do you have a differnet point of view?



Innovative music school “ROCK NATION” turns out next generation of rock’n’roll stars

August 12, 2013

5th and 6th grade rockers The People, are proof that Rock Nation Music Schools are on to something. Focus on learning songs and performance first (and then learning to read music) keeps kids interested in musical learning.