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2006 “Shorttakes” Film Festival Recap – 07 Festival Sneak Peek

February 21, 2007

By Pete Stone

The May 2006 UCLA “Shorttakes” Student Film Festival was the 13th annual running of the acclaimed short-subject student festival. Based on attendees, quality of entries, the judges panel, media coverage and number (and quality – Kodak, Theta Chi Fraternity, Sundance Channel,, Campus Circle Media, Universal Music Group to name a few) of sponsors, last year’s festival was a resounding success. Here is a sample of the media coverage for last year’s festival;

Last week I wrote a blog on the history and merits of the UCLA “Shorttakes” Student Film Festival (see below, or click here . The abridged version of the post is that “Shorttakes” is way cool.

Photos of the 2006 “Shorttakes” Finalists’ Screening Event in UCLA’s famed Ackerman Grand Ballroom:

Photo 1 

2006 Shorttakes Screening Event

The Campus Events Commission student leaders introduce the 2006 Finalists Screening Event in Ackerman Grand Ballroom

 Photo 2

2006 Shorttakes Intermission

Intermission as seen from the stage

Photo 3

Rich Wilkes and Steve Evans

Entertainment industry pros Rich Wilkes (l), writer for such hits as “xXx” and “xXx: State of the Union” as well as “Punk Like Me” and Steve Evans (r), VP – Sundance Channel present 2006 “Shorttakes” awards.

As a UCLA alumnus, it just so happens that I am honored, and privileged to serve as a volunteer “contributing producer” of “Shorttakes”. This year (2007) will be the fourth year I am involved with securing sponsors, financing and entertainment industry judges.

I am personally very grateful to the following entertainment industry professionals who were gracious enough to “take my calls” and generous enough with their time to serve as volunteer judges for the festival last year.

Jeff Probst – Host of CBS’ “Survivor”; writer/director/producer of the independent feature “Finder’s Fee”.

Rich Wilkes – Screenwriter of “xXx” and “xXx: State of the Union”; writer/director of “Glory Daze”; writer of “Punk Like Me”.

Steve Evans – VP Sundance Channel

Bonnie Biehl – Actress with numerous TV roles and the critically acclaimed independent film “Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss” to her credit.

Peter Abraham – Producer of “I am Trying to Break Your Heart”.

Bob Dohrmann – Production manager “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Thank you for Smoking”; line producer/production manager “Sunshine Cleaning” (2008 release).

Brian Maeda – International Licensing Manager, Microsoft XBox; formerly of Lucasfilm, Ltd. and Atom Films/

Paul Robinson – Acclaimed photographer; writer/director/producer of “Rock the Vote” television campaign; director of the short feature “Halfway House”.

Charles “Chip” Schner – Cinematographer for “The Greatest Show Ever” (TV) and “Surveillance”; camera operator for “Master and Commander: Far Side of the World” and “Zathura”.

The 2007 UCLA “Shorttakes” Festival is in the pre-production phase right now. I am honor-bound not to give anything away at this point, but suffice it to say, this year should be bigger and brighter than ever.

Stay tuned for more details at .



“Shorttakes” – The Film Festival for Everyone

February 12, 2007

By Pete Stone 

Back when I was an undergraduate student at UCLA (almost 20 years ago!), the School of Theater, Film and Television had a film festival for its students (still does for that matter – here’s the link to the School of TFT festival home page ). Only undergraduate and graduate students from the School of TFT could enter, however.

Restricting entries to School of TFT students only seemed appropriate as these students were (and are today) working specifically towards a degree in theater, film and, or television. A showcase for these students was (and still is) necessary in order to provide potential employers a venue to evaluate talent. At the time (c. 1990), there were many gifted and unheralded artists and film-makers not in the School of TFT, however.* This under-served community was identified by Campus Events and through this insight the UCLA Shorttakes Student Film Festival was born.

* (This continues to be the case by the way.)

In 1992, UCLA Campus Events (which is the student run organization that hosts on-campus concerts, speakers and movie nights among other activities; and is a part of Associated Students UCLA – the student government) started a little film festival that was unique for the following reasons:

1. The festival was open to any UCLA undergraduate, graduate student and, or recent alumnus (within 1 year of having graduated from UCLA).

2. Entries were short subject films (less than 10 minutes running time) in one of two categories – traditional film narrative, or animation/digital media. The unique thing about the festival’s format is that all the finalist films could be screened in one night – as opposed to over several nights/weeks for feature length films.

3. The festival was democratic in its principles – The Film Festival for Everyone. The organizers, participants and audiences (for the most part) were the UCLA students themselves. UCLA obviously provided “in-kind” resources such as catering, services (audio-visual, etc.), facilities (Ackerman Grand Ballroom) as well as promoting the event via the Campus Events student staff to the rest of the UCLA community.

The end result was an energetic and decidedly “un-Hollywood” short-subject film festival which has now run annually for 13 consecutive years.

For the past several years, the finalists’ films have been reviewed and judged by a panel of distinguished entertainment industry professionals. Past industry judges include: Jeff Probst – host of “Survivor” and writer/producer of “Finder’s Fee”; Rich Wilkes – screenwriter of “xXx – State of the Union” and “Punk Like Me”; Steve Evans – VP of Sundance Channel; Peter Abraham – Producer of “I am Trying to Break Your Heart”; Bob Dohrmann – “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Thank you for Smoking”; Charles Schner – cinematographer/director of photogoraphy as well as many others.

This year (2007) marks the 14th year the UCLA Shorttakes Student Film Festival will be organized and hosted by UCLA Campus Events. With the rise of inexpensive digital cameras and digital editing on pc’s (Apple Final Cut for example) the festival now receives entries from undergraduate, graduate and recent alumni from UCLA as well as from around the world. If you have a short-subject film and are an undergraduate, graduate, or recent alumnus of a 4 year college, or university, send in your film!

Here is a link to last year’s festival site

The festival also welcomes sponsor interest. Past sponsors include Kodak, Theta Chi Fraternity,, Sundance Channel, iFilm, Indie 103.1 Radio, Clif Bar, Entertainment Weekly, Campus Circle Media and TimeWarner Cable.

If you are in Los Angeles the last week in May 2007, make some time to spend a few hours at the screening event. Typically the finalists’ screening event is the last Thursday of May. The screening generally runs from 7PM to 10PM with refreshments provided.

Hope to see you at the movies!